Where is Costa Rica Located?
A Precise Answer Awaits...

So where is Costa Rica located anyway?

Great question!

Geography was always a favorite subject. Here, with the help of some colorful and detailed maps, let's take an in-depth look at answering this question.

Beginning with the BIGGER picture in mind, and then gradually zooming in -- this is where Costa Rica is located...

Where is Costa Rica Located?

First thing then, let's begin with a colorful map of the world, complete with all six continents...

There's North America (red), South America (green), Europe (blue), Africa (brown), Asia (yellow), and Australia (purple).

Here's the map...

Where is Costa Rica Located
A Colorful Map of the World


And next... let's pin-point the exact location of Costa Rica, isolating its whereabouts with respect to the hemispheres - North, South, West, and East...

Where is Costa Rica Located Western Hemisphere
Costa Rica is Located in the Western Hemisphere

Part of the Americas, Costa Rica is located in the Western Hemisphere.

Where is Costa Rica Located Northern Hemisphere
Costa Rica is also Located in the Northern Hemisphere

And yes, it's also located in the Northern Hemisphere - not too far above the equator.

Zooming in now...

Where is Costa Rica Located Close Up
There it is... Costa Rica is Part of North (and Central!) America

A closer look, and now we can see that Costa Rica, shaded in red - is in fact part of North America.

It's true - the country is also one of six that compose Central America, again - part of North America. The next map - zooming in a little closer now, illustrates this...

Where is Costa Rica Located Central America
Costa Rica is One of Seven Central American Countries

Now let's get even more specific...

First of all - in terms of longitude and latitude, you can locate the country on any map at 10 00 N and 84 00 W.

Where is Costa Rica Located Coordinates
Exact Coordinates

So yes, ten degrees north and eighty-four degrees west.

And to add even more to our specificity, we should probably mention its position - with respect to neighboring countries and bodies of water.


Costa Rica is flanked by two neighboring countries... Nicaragua to the north - a boundary of 309 km, and Panama to the south-east - a boundary of 330 km.

And it's also set between two major water bodies - the Caribbean Sea to the north, and to the south... the Northern Pacific Ocean.

Very interestingly too, and giving an even more precise perspective of just how small Costa Rica really is... at a land area of only 51,100 square kilometers... it's only a little bit smaller than the state of Virginia.

You learn something new every day!

Well finally...

Let's take a look at one last map - zooming in once again - and this time... to reveal its seven provinces along with some of its major cities...

Where is Costa Rica Located Costa Rica
...And This is Costa Rica!

And there you have it.

With zero doubt now - and with great precision too!... you know exactly where Costa Rica is located! :-)