Tambor Costa Rica...
Gentle Waters, Excellent Birding

Tambor Costa Rica.

Landing in Paquera, after a ferry ride from Puntarenas to the Nicoya Peninsula...

This laid back town, is just a half hour's drive south - en route to popular tourist destinations, Montezuma and Santa Teresa.

Perfect spot to spend a relaxing afternoon by the beach, its gentle waters can also be reached directly by plane...

Tambor Costa Rica
Fly to Tambor from San Jose with Sansa or Nature Air

...just 45 minutes from SJO in Alajuela - the Juan Santamaria International Airport.


Special in the area...

The Panica River just north of the Tambor Tropical Resort - is an excellent place for birdwatching.

Here you can see over 270 recorded species of birds - including the endangered mangrove hummingbird, and also - the long tailed manakin.

And then, just around the corner from the marina - at the southern-most point of the beach - easily accessed by the road leading to the Tango Mar...

You'll find the Chorro Waterfall - one of few spots on the planet, where a freshwater river flows right off a cliff... and crashes directly - into the saltwater sea, below.

And of course - there's more!

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Map of Tambor

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Tambor Tropical
Isla Tortuga
Tambor Tropical Cocalito Cocalito Tambor Cobano Tambor Montezuma Tambor Paquera Tambor Airport
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TICR Maps - Tambor Costa Rica

Sleep in Tambor

Read about experiences, in some truly beautiful spots - along Bahía Tambor, and the Gulf of the Nicoya.

Explore Tambor

Whether you're taking to the greens for 18 holes, or to the skies - bird's eye view of the Nicoya... there's plenty to see and do!