Surfing Tournament
A Day in Santa Teresa...

First time in Santa Teresa - was to check out a surfing tournament, right in front of the Luz de Vida Hotel.

It's been a year since that time - and once again... the surfers and spectators are lining one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, and as many put it - the world.

It's the Quicksilver Costa Rica Open, presented by Olympus...

Surfing Tournament Stage
Surfing Tournament Exploding Wave
Surfing Tournament Crowd
Surfing Tournament Getting Ready

The Land of Beautiful Sunsets
Explosive Surfing Action  |  © Alonso Tenorio
Tournament Goers Line the Beach
The Warm Up

Despite the overcast - everything was full-go.

Surfing Tournament Quicksilver
Photographer Ready to Shoot

In fact - as both competitors and photographers alike explained...

A little overcast is ideal for surfing - due to the glassiness created in the water... and for photography too.

Also -- less light and heat means clearer pictures and less wear and tear on the equipment.

Well here on this page, I invite you along to check out the scene.

To learn more, click on any of the links below -- you'll be taken further down the page...

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A Map to the Surfing Tournament...

Directly in front of one of the best breaks on the stretch - the following map shows the location of the tournament, as well as the Luz de Vida Hotel...

Surfing Tournament Map Costa Rica Legend
  • Location of the Quicksilver Open Surfing Tournament...
TICR Maps - Quicksilver Open Surfing Tournament

About the Surfing Tournament

Arriving at the main intersection - right in front of Playa Carmen - the Luz de Vida Hotel is just a short drive along the road to the right...

Surfing Tournament Luz de Vida
Luz de Vida Hotel, on the Santa Teresa Stretch

And just before the hotel... there's a dirt road heading toward the beach... the entrance to the tournament grounds.

Almost immediately upon arrival - I ran into Maykol Torres of Esterillos, Costa Rica.

Surfing Tournament Maykol Torres
Surfer Maykol Torres

Competitive surfer for seven years to date, he had just completed a session - or as he explained... a 'hit'.

As Maykol explained... surfers take to the ocean in pairs, for a total of 5 hits (sessions) during the day.

Each hit lasts 25 minutes - and in that time, each surfer can take a maximum of 10 waves...

Surfing Tournament Maykol Torres
Maykol Torres in Session  |  © Alonso Tenorio

Maykol went on to describe some of his experiences surfing around the world. France, Portugal, Spain... Brazil... even Nicaragua, Panama and Ecuador.

He also mentioned that today's' conditions - the overcast - were ideal, as again... they give way to a glass-like surface on the water, a calmer ultra-clean surf - less ripples.

Well next, it was off to the surfing tournament headquarters - wanted to learn a little bit more about the goings on here...

Surfing Tournament Headquarters
Headquarters of the Quicksilver Costa Rica Open, in Santa Teresa

Jose Ureña - President of the Federecion de Surf de Costa Rica - was happy to explain a little more about the event.

Surfing Tournament Jose Urena - President
With Jose Ureña, President

With plans to eventually take the tournament to the United States... this surfing tournament - the Quicksilver Open presented by Olympus - is actually a first time thing -- a stop along the way to the World Championships.

Opening its doors to a total of 64 registered surfers - there are 22 whom have traveled from 14 international countries - Italy, Brazil, Nicaragua and Columbia - to name a few.

Sponsored by Quicksilver, Olympus, Red Bull, Off - and other... 10 million colones, four cameras, and six airplane tickets were up for grabs.

Thanking Jose for his time - next - it was off to the beach to check out the ambiance, as well as the action...

Tournament Atmosphere

From about 800 on the opening day, to close to 5000 by the end of the three-day tournament -- spectators were flocking to the beach from all over...

Surfing Tournament Crowd
Spectators at the Quicksilver Open

...and even with the slight overcast - the beach of Santa Teresa was as beautiful as ever.

Some more photos of the event and surroundings...

Surfing Tournament Spectators
Looking Beyond - to the Heights of Mal Pais...

Zooming right in on the action...

Surfing Tournament Carving
Zooming in on the Action  |  © Alonso Tenorio

Surfers returning from a hit...

Surfing Tournament Water
Two Surfers Emerge from the Ocean...

...and of course -- the reporters there to greet them!...

Surfing Tournament Inteverviews
...And the Reporters are Standing By

Another angle...

Surfing Tournament Ocean
Another Angle of the Tournament...

At one point - I even caught up with Victor Kayen of Cobano - ICE representative, another sponsor for the tournament...

Surfing Tournament Sponsors
Victor Kayen of ICE (left) and Representatives of Olympus (right)

ICE did its part by supplying the high speed 3G Internet... always a plus!

Walking along the beach - it was interesting seeing some of the cameras that photographers were using to capture the tournament...

Surfing Tournament Alonso Tenorio
Alonso Tenorio, Photographer for La Nacion, Costa Rica

Alonso Tenorio for example, photographer for La Nacion - was describing his 600mm Nikon D3S...

At up to 9 shots per second - he was explaining the D3S to be one of the most popular surf cameras on the market.

It really is THAT good!...

Surfing Tournament Carve
Front Row Seats...  |  © Alonso Tenorio

And Alonso - thank you!... for sending over the close-ups of the surfers in action, like the one above. :-)

Much the same as Maykol had mentioned previously - he was saying todays' conditions were especially ideal for photography, the overcast - limiting the light and heat - making for clearer shots and also, camera overheating less likely.

Well - the finals were fast approaching.

We had just caught word that Derek Peters of the United States, would be facing off against Jefferson Tascón of Columbia in the finals...

Surfing Tournament Sportsmanship
Derek Peters Showing Sportsmanship after a Session

But with some time before the final hit of the day - it was off to grab some lunch...

Wrapping Up...

Before the final match of the day... I had the chance to catch up with Jose Duarte (Editor in Chief) and Mario Chavorria (Writer) for Surfos Magazine...

Surfing Tournament Surfos Magazine
Talking with Jose Duarte (left) and Mario Chavorria (right) of Surfos

Describing their work - Jose had been with Surfos for the last two years - a year and a half editing. Mario's role - documenting the ambience... the people - and doing portraiture -- together they agreed...

Traveling to the beautiful beaches of the Rich Coast, covering a sport they both enjoy... it was no less than a dream job.

...couldn't agree more!

Well - the final session of the day was beginning. Jefferson and Derek had taken to the waves - the final hit of the day - and of the entire surfing tournament.

And soon enough --- after an amazing display of twists, turns - carving it out beyond an anticipating crowd...

We had a winner!

Surfing Tournament Surfos Magazine
Greeted on the Water's Edge...

Taking the Quicksilver Open surfing tournament title, Derek Peters was first - a score of 12.33 over Jefferson's 9.60.

Of course - both surfers put on an amazing show, as did all athletes who took part in the surfing tournament - a delight for all those in attendance...

Surfing Tournament Interview
Derek Peters Interviewed as Champion of the Tournament

The winners of the tournament...

Surfing Tournament Champions
Peters and Tascón - Finishing First and Second  |  © Alonso Tenorio

What a great day!

Well - this Santa Teresa surfing tournament had concluded. I hope you enjoyed this recount of the day and its events!

And ending with a classic Santa Teresa sunset...

Surfing Tournament Sunset
Ah - Just Can't Beat It...

...see you next time for another adventure unfolding on the Rich Coast!

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