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Santa Teresa Costa Rica...
The Perfect Surf Town Getaway

Santa Teresa Costa Rica, along with Carmen and Malpais - areas located just to its south...

Is indeed, the perfect little getaway - an area boasting some of the best surfing conditions in all the Rich Coast.

And the beaches are just gorgeous.

So much so, that Forbes Magazine ranked Malpais Beach - among the Top 10 Breathtaking Beaches on Earth.

Could this...

Santa Teresa Costa Rica
A Santa Teresa Sunset

...possibly, have had something to do with their decision? :-)


But yes, beyond the beauty along the water's edge - this is an area with plenty to experience.

The country's first-ever protected area - the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, can be visited just to the south...

And also, some excellent hotels and restaurants line the coast - those like Vista de Olas, Ranchos Itauna and The Place.

To learn more about Santa Teresa Costa Rica and the rest of the area, click on any of the following links...

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Map of Santa Teresa, Carmen and Malpais

The following map offers a bird's eye view of Santa Teresa (top*ish*), Carmen (middle*ish*) and Malpais (bottom*ish*), combined...

Vista de Olas
Cabo Blanco
Isla Tortuga
Surfing Tournament
Vista de Olas Cabo Blanco Isla Tortuga Surfing Tournament Santa Teresa Cabuya Santa Teresa Cobano Santa Teresa Cocos Island Santa Teresa Montezuma Santa Teresa Samara
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TICR Maps - Santa Teresa, Carmen and Malpais

Great Spots to Stay, in the Santa Teresa Area

Check out the following spots to stay, in Santa Teresa, Malpais, and Carmen - all beautiful, and all close to the beach!

Explore Santa Teresa, Carmen and Malpais

Lots to explore in and around this Southern Nicoya Peninsula destination. Click on these links to learn more...

More in the Area

And yes - there's more. Check out the following information on additional things to see and do in Santa Teresa: