San Jose Costa Rica...
Capital of the Rich Coast

San Jose Costa Rica.

With about 1.5 million people residing (that's almost half of the population, here on the Rich Coast!) - it's not only the largest city in the country, but also...

The nation's capital.

Situated at the very core of the Central Valley - it's surrounded by mountains, those comprising the Cordillera de Talamanca, and Central Volcanic Cordillera ranges.


Founded in 1737 - a drive through the city, and it's easy to see...

San Jose Costa Rica
The National Theater, Right Next to Plaza de la Cultura

...a strong European influence exists - something revealed by colonial-style buildings - those like museums, the National Theater, and others.

And yes, zooming right in - heart of the city - it's in and around Plaza de la Central, where a number of interesting and educational attractions await - places like the Gold and Jade Museums, as well as the National Museum of Costa Rica.


And so, would you like to learn more about the capital?

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Map of San Jose Costa Rica

A view from above, the following map of San Jose - shows the city itself (center), along with Heredia (top left), Escazu (bottom left), and others.

Something to note. Given the density of the city - there's a very good chance that this map will change soon in time - to accommodate new areas, as the page grows.

Korean Barbeque
Costa Rican Cigars
La Casa de Ali Baba
Korean Barbeque Costa Rican CIgars La Casa de Ali Baba San Jose Alajuela San Jose Cartago San Jose Jaco
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TICR Maps - San Jose Costa Rica

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