Puntarenas Costa Rica...
Gateway to the Southern Nicoya

Puntarenas Costa Rica.

Gateway to the Southern Nicoya - this small peninsula, stretching 7 km from the main land...

Is one of the most traveled spots in all the Rich Coast.

Every year, thousands of people cross the Gulf by ferry - en route to popular places like Montezuma, Tambor, and Santa Teresa.

And yes, when you make the eventual trip yourself - see you if can catch the one that leaves at 5 o'clock...

Puntarenas Costa Rica
Sunset View, on the 5 O'Clock Ferry to Paquera

...sunset views from the deck, never fail to impress!


Especially busy on the weekends, visitors arrive from the nation's capitol - a chance to enjoy the ocean-front atmosphere along the Paseo de los Turistas...

...an area that's also the docking grounds for large cruise ships, traveling from abroad.

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Map of Puntarenas

The following map, of Puntarenas Costa Rica - shows a large section of the Gulf of the Nicoya... ferry routes, Tortuga Island, and the towns of Paquera and Caldera included...

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TICR Maps - Puntarenas Costa Rica

Exploring Puntarenas

Some exciting things to experience in and close to Puntarenas - click on the following links and images to learn more about them...