Super Fun Hostel in Montezuma...
This is Luz en el Cielo!

Making your way down the hill, en route to Montezuma... Luz en el Cielo is the very first place you'll see.

It's just to the right - you can't miss it...

Luz en el Cielo
A Light in the Sky - and in the Jungle!

Open for business since June of 2010, Luz as many have come to know it... is owned and operated by Abbie Stout.

And first arriving, it was just as she had described it...

Luz en el Cielo with Staff
With the Luz Crew!

Fun! :-)

Such a laid back and friendly vibe, it was easy to see...

Guests, volunteers and Abbie herself - all loved being here.

But it's no wonder...

It's location (among other things) - is excellent.

It's nice and close to town - while at the very same time... secluded and off to the side, a chance to encounter monkeys and other wildlife unique to the area.

And so, please come along for the read. Let's learn some more about Montezuma's very own, Light in the Sky...

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Welcome to Luz en el Cielo!

Rolling up to the hostel for the very first time, it was obvious what made it so popular.

A large open patio - flanked by the jungle on three sides... large tables, hammocks, and a communal kitchen...

Luz en el Cielo Fiesta
Together for Dinner - a Frequent Occasion was all about bringing people together - guests and work-stay volunteers alike.

Luz en el Cielo Monkey
A Capuchin Monkey on Your Front Step!

Head upstairs - and that's where you find 3 rooms, 14 beds in total.

And they all connect to a large deck, looking out to the jungle...

...a great place to spot monkeys, and other local wildlife.


Something I really thought was great about this place - was the way Abbie and the volunteers - interacted with guests.

Luz en el Cielo Sushi
Sushi Night at Luz en el Cielo!

There's always something happening here - and when it does...

The Luz Crew is on the scene!

Bonfires on the beach...

Large group dinners - sushi nights included!...

Birthday celebrations...

And let's not forget everyone's all time favorite...

Luz en el Cielo Thursday Night
Thursday Nights in Montezuma... Awesome!

Thursday nights in Montezuma - fire dancing, reggae music, good people, good times...

Always a blast!

Luz in Video!

A nice addition to the page, here's a video offering an even closer insight to the hostel...

TICR Videos - Luz en el Cielo

More Information

More on Luz - the hostel has three rooms in the main building - 14 beds in total.

But as of recent though (November 2011) - they've finished construction on the first of three private cabinas...

Luz en el Cielo Cabina
Abbie Stout - at the Construction Site for the New Dorm Cabin


Luz en el Cielo Dorm Cabina
The First Cabina - Complete!

Private and secluded - nature is right at your doorstep!

More information...

There are 2 shared bathrooms - one upstairs and one down...

Luz en el Cielo Breakfast
Delicious Breakfast Included!

...a communal kitchen (feel free to make whatever you like!)...

...and a delicious breakfast that's included in the price.

You can see in the photo to the right what what was for breakfast here.

Gallo pinto, toast, plantains, fruit - and fresh coffee... much more than expected!

A few more things... there's free Wi-Fi at Luz, hot water, 24-hour security, and a lock box for guests to keep valuables in. Also - for around $4-$6, you can have dinner here too!

The prices for both rooms and cabinas:

(Year Round)
Dorm Rooms $15 / Night
Private Cabins
(Up to 4 People)
$45 - $90 / Night
TICR Tables - Luz en el Cielo Rates

Work-Stay Program

Something especially unique to Luz en el Cielo, is its Work-Stay Program.

Luz en el Cielo Staff
Adam, Katherine, Abbie, Larinda and Jake

Describing this opportunity... living the Montezuma lifestyle, while helping out at Luz en el Cielo - I caught up with two of the volunteers...

Jake Versyer and Katherine Bishop.

Both taking part in a 3-month stay at the hostel, they were more than happy to share their thoughts on the experience.

As Jake explained, it's pretty nice being able to live so close to nature - and in a tropical area like Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Luz en el Cielo Montezuma Waterfalls
The Montezuma Waterfalls

Staying in a cabina - tucked back in the jungle, close to the hostel - you get to see all sorts of interesting wildlife.

His favorite part of the experience though - was definitely spending time with guests, introducing the many beautiful sites...

Places like the Montezuma Waterfalls and Playa Grande (surfing!) for example.

Katherine went on to explain...

The program involves 6 hour shifts each day.

Responsibilities include things like cooking breakfast, opening and closing the hostel, doing checkouts, booking tours, arranging for taxis and shuttles, helping to build and fix things - and as Jake had pointed out...

Entertaining guests.

And speaking of guests, here's how to get a hold of Abbie and the Crew - more information for your next trip to Montezuma!...

Contact Abbie, at Luz en el Cielo

Definitely give Abbie and the Luz Crew a shout - prior to your next stay in Montezuma.

Click here and you'll be taken to their website. There, you can contact them using an online form.

And thank you very much for reading! :-)

Stay tuned as always... more fun and interesting places to stay in Costa Rica, soon to come.