Linda Vista, Montezuma

Spanish for "Beautiful View", Linda Vista certainly lives up to its name... a great little spot to stay during your time in Montezuma.

A place I came to call home - this assortment of rooms, cabinas, and even houses is owned and operated by a lovely Tico family - and has been for some thirty years.

So where to begin? Well first - let's have a look at those views!

Linda Vista Clouds
Linda Vista Dusk
Linda Vista Sunrise

Fiery Orange Clouds GIve Way as the Sun Rises
At Dusk, Strips of Pink and Blue Line the Horizon
A Vibrant 'Linda Vista' Sunrise

Not many know this, but the tourist-bustling Linda Vista of today,was once just a single dwelling... a farm house to be exact.

And this is going back quite some time too... long before Montezuma came to be - and even before anyone even thought to venture out this far on the Nicoya.

Linda Vista Green House
First Residence of Montezuma

To the left... a photo of the first-ever Montezuma residence.

It's the closest one to the road as your coming up or down the hill.

Today though, given the popularity and growth of the town - this once tiny farm house has developed into a lot of twelve different dwellings - each one unique - and each offering a fantastic view of the Nicoyan Gulf.

Here on this web page, I'd like to share with you, some more about this great little spot. Click any of the links below - or scroll down the page to learn more...

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Things to Do

It's Got This 'Cozy, Country-Tropical' Feel...

First impression and right away - I loved this place...

Welcoming is a good word to describe it. And next to those amazing views of the Gulf - that and after meeting Doña Betty, Lulu, Martin, Noni, Vincente and other members of the family...

It was already beginning to feel like home.

But which place to stay in? They're all so very unique!

For short-term stays, rooms 1-4 are ideal... these are the rooms in the first-ever residence as mentioned before.

But then if you have a large group of people... or if you want something a bit more up-scale, the three "Tico-syle" houses are a great way to go.

Still, if you plan on staying awhile - a month or more for example... then one of five cabinas might be ideal.

One thing's for sure though - whichever you choose... you've got the view!

You know... Linda Vista's got something else going for it - besides being a nice place to spend the night.


Beautiful palm trees, flowers of all different shapes and kinds, exotic plants, colorful butterflies, fluttering hummingbirds --- there's even fresh fruit growing right there in your backyard. Bananas, grapefruit, limes... and coconuts too!

Linda Vista Nature
Nature in Every Direction!

And "hats off" to Doña Betty. She, with the help of Vincente (you're bound to meet them both during your stay) - do a fantastic job of keeping the Linda Vista grounds, looking top notch.

So what else?

Well another thing... Linda Vista doubles as a small farm...

Linda Vista Fence
The Linda Vista Valley

Right through the middle of the property, a deep valley runs - flanked by white picket fences.

Enclosed, is home to several of their horses. Surely at some point - you'll hear them galloping about the hilltops.

Yes - I have to say... the vibe really is quite pleasant here. It's a great little getaway for couples, families... and even large groups.

Now let's take a look at the accommodations...

Linda Vista Accommodations

As I mentioned above - there are twelve different dwellings in total - rooms, cabinas and houses.

Two of the most popular, are the"Tico-style" houses, each located at higher points on the property. Both hold up to eight people, and because of the higher location - the views are extra nice.

So let's take a look at a few photographs then - always helps to paint a nice picture of what to expect...

Linda Vista House
House #11 Has Spectacular Views from the Deck!

Houses Eleven (above) and Twelve (below) are quite popular at Linda Vista. They both offer lots of privacy, and have ample space for everyone spending the night...

Linda Vista Hammock
Ah - the Hammock... No Better Way to Relax!

Below, you can see that ample space I was talking about - House Number Twelve can hold up to eight people no problem. Both houses Eleven and Twelve are surrounded by a ton of flowers, trees and again - nature!

Linda Vista Bedroom
One of Two Large Bedrooms - Plenty of Space to Sleep

A traditional "Tico look and feel" at work... these houses have everything you could possibly need during your stay. Living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms...

Also - be sure to bring a laptop if you have one. There's high-speed wireless Internet throughout the premises.

Linda Vista Living Kitchen Bathroom
Inside House Number Twelve

Something else to note - the showers are of the electric variety... found in many places throughout the Rich Coast. To save water - and to maintain a hot temperature as well... be sure to gradually turn on the tap so the heat can build up first.

Truly, I've had some really great times at Linda Vista...

Hansu and I (our cat 'Freda' too!) would often just kick back and relax in the hammock on our front porch. So little lights way out here on the Nicoya... the stars are so bright!

And another plus. Being so close to the ocean, it takes only seconds to fall asleep - the waves rolling over and over throughout the night.

By the way - are you animal-lover? If so, you'll especially love this place.

Home to cats, dogs, horses (as mentioned before!), and a variety of other creatures - like parrots and small green lizards... Linda Vista's quite four-legged friendly.

Linda Vista Howler Monkey
They Like to Howl

You even get the odd troop of howler monkeys hanging out in the trees next to Houses 10, 11 and 12. And even if you don't see them - one thing's for sure... you'll hear them!

Their howl is one-of-a-kind.

Oh - and someone else I should mention... Linda Vista is also home to Montezuma's very own town celebrity - Sebastian the husky! You'll see him on the scene - making his rounds up and down the hill throughout the day. He's truly loved by everyone...

Linda Vista Sebastian

...but with a face like this - I mean how could you not?


What do you think of the place so far?

It's true - pictures are great. But it's so much nicer of course to check it out in person...

If you're thinking of booking a room here, do keep in mind that prices will vary - depending on the dwelling you're interested in, and also... the season.

To make things easier, use the table below for the rates at Linda Vista...

High Season
(Dec. - April)
Low Season
(May - Nov.)
Rooms #1-4
(Up to 4 People)
$75 / Night $45 / Night
House #10, Poolside
(Up to 2 People)
$90 / Night $75 / Night
Houses #11, 12
(Up to 8 People)
$150 / Night $100 / Night
Cabinas #5, 6, 9
(Long Term)
$300 / Month  
Cabinas #7, 8
(Long Term)
$500 / Month  
TICR Tables - Linda Vista Rates

Location of Linda Vista

So on your way from Cobano then (you're most likely going to be coming from that direction) - Linda Vista will be the very last place on your right, just before the descent down the hill, and into Montezuma.

You'll know you're close when you first hit the paved road - and finally!... when you first see those beautiful azul waters on the horizon...

Linda Vista Map Costa Rica Legend Legend Legend Legend
TICR Maps - Linda Vista

But yes, location-wise - it's especially nice if you don't mind being a little bit outside of town. A five minute walk down (and up!) the hill, is the trade-off for those great views.

Totally worth it! :-)

Linda Vista Quad
A Great Way to Get Around!

Actually, if you have the means, I recommend you look into renting a quad.

In these parts of the country, they're tons of fun - and practical too, given the road conditions.

You'll see when you get here - lots of people buzzing around in them.

One more thing I should mention... be sure to book ahead of time, if you plan on coming anywhere between December and May. May especially - this is Semana Santa time - the biggest holiday in all of Costa Rica!

OK - where to eat...

Surrounding Restaurants

Just down the hill from Linda Vista - Montezuma's got a great selection of restaurants to choose from. And yes... it's always the choosing that's the hard part!

But you're in luck!

We've got a few selections below - three top favorites that I'm sure you'll love as well...

Fun Things to Do at Linda Vista

So you're all settled in. Nice place to stay... beautiful views... lots of great restaurants to eat at. But what about...


What are some fun things to do in Montezuma?

Well first, Linda Vista has a really nice pool - a huge plus as the views of both the sky during the day and the stars at night, are no less than spectacular...

But there's more... much more!

For one, there's the can't miss this of the entire area... the Montezuma Waterfalls!

Linda Vista Waterfalls

Three different levels - eighty feet at its highest drop - it's a fifteen minute hike up the river - and into the Nicoyan Jungle.

And if you're the thrill-seeking type, consider taking the plunge off the second-level forty foot drop...

What a rush!

Something else? Well beaches of course. They're gorgeous. Snorkeling, surfing... renting a quad and driving all over the peninsula... or even horseback riding.

No shortage of things to do here!

Contact Linda Vista

Use the following links to help you get in touch with the owners at Linda Vista. There's a good chance you'll end up talking with either Lulu or Martin...


You can call them directly at (506) 2642-0104 or (506) 2642-0008. Just remember to dial the correct country code if you're calling from outside of Costa Rica.


Use the form below to contact them directly through TICR...