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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
Language Schools, Books and More

How would you like to learn Spanish in Costa Rica?

It's true. During (and even before) your next visit, here on the Rich Coast... getting familiar with the language - being able to say things like hello, goodbye, and how are you?, ordering a meal, asking for directions, and others...

Will certainly go a long way.

Not only will you feel more confident, communicating to some degree in the native tongue... but doors will open, as those who live here - will be appreciative that you've made the effort.

And so...

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica
Get to Know the Language!

...how are you going to learn then?

Well one idea - something that puts you right in the middle of the learning action --- is to join a Spanish language school, where every single day... you'll be practicing speaking, with like-minded individuals.

Another idea - is books!

Excellent resources and other effective tools exist, designed to give you an edge - as you strive to perfect your speaking abilities.

Click on the following links, and you'll be taken further on down the page to learn more...

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Map of Language Schools in Costa Rica

The colored dots on the following map, indicate the location of language schools positioned throughout the Rich Coast. Click on them, and you'll be taken further down the page...

Learn Spanish Costa Rica
Learn Spanish Costa Rica
  •   Learn Spanish in Costa Rica 
TICR Maps - Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Language Schools on the Rich Coast

The following organizations, are great ways to go about learning the language. Check them out, buy clicking on the links and images below...