Touring the Americas...
Kutimba Plays Costa Rica

I had just caught word from a friend, Kutimba - up and coming latin rock band, straight out of Argentina and Colombia -- would be performing at Hotel Lys, near the main beach in Montezuma.

And little did we know, just what a surprise we'd be in for...

The Band at Hotel Lys - in Montezuma, Costa Rica

What began as a duo - and then even a trio (under the original name of "Pachanga"), their group and music is the product of a dream - one that incepted in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Kutimba Band
Jamming it out in Montezuma...

Two friends - Lisandro Cabrera and Valerio Faiad - decided to take their unique style of music to the road, out of their home country, up through the Americas...

And eventually...

Here - to the Rich Coast!

A night long to be remembered -- here I invite you to learn about the band, their music, and the experience that took place one Friday night in Montezuma.

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A Little History   |   Inspired   |   The Music   |   An Experience

A Little History...

Eager to learn more about the band, I decided to arrive early - catching up with its members at Hotel Lys over a meal.

More than happy to chat it up - Lisandro Cabrera, vocalist & guitarist - shared a little insight about the band... how they came to be - and also - the driving force and meaning, behind the music they create.

Kutimba Pachanga
The Original "Pachanga"

And so I asked Lisandro...

How did it all come to be?

How did the four of you - yourself (vocals & guitar), Valerio Faiad (drums), Mauricio Gomez (congos) and Federico Borges (bass) - come to be Kutimba?

As it was...

Kutimba began as "Pachanga". The original two members - Lisandro and Valerio - an acoustic/percussion duo... set out from their home town of Buenos Aires.

$500 a piece on hand, they left behind an Internet Cafe business - driven by their passion for music - and in chase of a dream.

And what was this dream? - I asked...

Kutimba Map
The Dream

To be free!

To live life to the fullest - doing what you want... what you love... and doing it well.

And this - coupled with their passion for music, took the two out of Argentina...

To Chile...

And eventually to Peru. It was here where they met Mauricio - traveling through from Colombia.

Cuzco - gateway to Machu Picchu, rich in Incan history - *a magical place* as Lisandro described it - marked the beginning of the new "Pachanga" three members strong now.

And then it was onward...

Ecuador, Colombia, and then up into North and Central America - visiting and playing in Panama - and as it is today...

Costa Rica.

Kutimba Federico
Federico Borges on the Bass

In fact, it was only three months prior to our meeting today - when the group became a foursome.

Federico Borges - long-time friend of Lisandro, and a very talented bassist - flew in from Buenos Aires. Meeting up with the band, to jam it out in Tamarindo... he was the final piece of Kutimba puzzle.

As our talk went on - we recounted some of our experiences - touring and exploring the Rich Coast. It was in obvious agreement... Costa Rica is a beautiful place!

And then the talk took a turn...

I was wondering... just what inspired you guys?

The Inspiration

It's an intriguing question... what inspires?

How can four individuals come together - almost intuitively like this... to create such fantastic music?

Kutimba Beatles
Let it be Kutimba!

Lisandro went on...

A time of truly original music - the 60s and 70s gave us bands from the UK and USA - those like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Doors, many others too...

But perhaps most significantly...

The Beatles.

These groups took (and kept!) the stage - and even today, amongst all the many new up and coming groups - continuously, we look back and listen to a spectacular time of music.

As Lisandro explained - Kutimba is rock, but keeping to uniqueness and originality - like these earlier bands...

Their music is infused with a latin american flavor, a mix of reggae, samba, cumbia, salsa - even disco, funk - and other genres...

Kutimba Tamarindo
Kutimba, Taking to the Streets of Tamarindo, Costa Rica's what makes Kutimba - Kutimba!

And as Federico added at one point - it's a natural mix too... nothing is forced... *it just sort of happens* - in the process of making the music.

And yes - getting back to the question at hand... the foursome - Lisandro, Valerio, Mauricio and Federico - together, share this same vision of creating music in a genre (rock!) they equally love, while at the same time - keeping it real, unique... original! - rooted with that Latin American flavor.

And of course - the idea of living life free and to the fullest - doing what you want - what you were meant to do...

Is also a shared passion between the four.

Next - catching up with Federico this time... let's take a deeper look - into the music...

The Music

Jumping into the conversation - I was happy to continue the discussion with Federico Borges. Getting right to the core of Kutimba, Federico went into detail about their music.

Kutimba Music
Music of Kutimba

Hearing it for the first time - immediately, I was intrigued. The rock was definitely there - but over and above... I could tell there was much more going on.

Such a diverse - unique - and really catchy!.. style of music.

Federico elaborated on this quite a bit - in fact... he took the time to describe Kutimba's four original songs to date - beginning with Mission Tropical...

A 'champeta' beat - straight out of Colombia - this song is quite unique, based around a rock guitar riff, coupled with a tropical rhythm - and at points... infused with a little disco!

Kutimba Flags
The Influence...

Federico went on to describe Una Nota Mais (One More Note) - as a song with a strong Brazilian influence. And again - diversity-wise... it's kicked up with a little something extra... this time - funk!

Really interesting - was when he described Magali...

The trombone of a very famous salsa performer - Ruben Blades - can be heard. A pure salsa rhythm throughout - there's a really cool "Santanaish" electric guitar part in the middle.

And then - Federico described one more song - the group's greatest to date as he put it...

Agua de Rosas (Water of Roses).

Rooted in Cumbia - a Colombian style of music, Agua de Rosas is especially unique because it deviates from an otherwise happy/uplifting tone - normally heard in this style of music.

Instead - Agua de Rosas, takes you into some darker areas - a rough drum & guitar section in the very middle.

Fascinating stuff. I found this really neat - a full explanation of the inner workings of each tune.

And yes... you can check out Kutimba's music here.

Something else to note...

The venue - Hotel Lys, is actually quite the fitting place. Its owner - Miguel Pinto - is a world-famous conga musician. He played with Irakere and Celia Cruz (the world's most famous salsa singer!), for quite some time.

And a note to any and all other bands reading this - especially those of you who'll be stopping by the Rich Coast...

Miguel welcomes new talent with open arms.

Come play at Hotel Lys, Montezuma!

Well, it was getting close to the hour.

As Lisandro, Valerio, Mauricio and Federico prepared to take the stage - I took a spot close by - anticipating the show soon to come!

The Kutimba Experience

And so - the show began.

Lisandro Cabrera on the vocals and guitar, Valerio Faiad on the drums, Mauricio Gomez on the congos, and Federico Borges providing the bass...

In video - Kutimba performs a cover of the ultra-popular song "Matador", at Hotel Lys...

This is Kutimba!

TICR Videos - Kutimba Plays Costa Rica!

What a great show - the music drew quite the crowd that night... and as you could see from the video -- Eli Monte Zuma - an extremely talented poi practitioner - brought out the fire... something he saves for great performances like this one.

And there you have it... KUTIMBA!

So what do you think? Would you like to learn more about the band and their music?

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