Do You Like Korean Barbeque?
Check Out Nodally in San Jose!

So have you ever tried Korean barbeque?

It's amazing.

Not too long ago, driving around San Jose - I stumbled upon a really great restaurant...

Korean Barbeque
This is Samgyeopsal, Korea-Style BBQ

It's called Nodally.

Owned by Kim Han Cheol and his family, they specialize in both cuisines from Japan and Korea - dishes like sushi, sashimi, samgyeopsal (bbq!), bulgogi, teriyaki, tempura, bimbimbap - and almost always offered on the side...

Kimchi! :-)

Another delicious experience here on the Rich Coast, read on to learn more about this fantastic little restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica...

Welcome to Nodally

Located in Rohrmoser, west side of San Jose (just north-west of Sabana Park), you'll find Nodally - directly across from Plaza Mayor...

Korean Barbeque Restaurant
Nodally Restaurant - Rohrmoser, San Jose - Costa Rica

It's a beautiful restaurant.

Korean Temple
Thinking of Korea...

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling...

Various artwork and statues from both Korea and Japan...

Framed calligraphy...

It's the little things, adorning here and there - that really give this place character, a feel that's authentically oriental.


And toward the back of the restaurant - is the sushi bar.

Here you can try out all sorts of various combinations - rolls and sashimi alike...

Korean Barbeque  Lucas and Max
Sergio - Always Ready to Roll Up Your Favorite Sushi!

Some favorites, are the dragon roll... the tsunami roll... the volcano roll... and the Nodally roll - the restaurant's own special mix.

And yes, even though sushi's always fantastic... tonight - it was all about the Korean barbeque!

Read on to learn more about samgyeopsal...

This is Korean Barbeque!

Recounting times in the Land of the Morning Calm, samgyeopsal - one style of Korean barbeque... is easily an all-time favorite dish.

And here at Nodally in Costa Rica, almost the other side of the planet...

Korean Barbeque Cooking
Dinner is Served!

It's like being in Korea all over again!

And yes - this is one of the most popular cuisines in the country.

Korean Barbeque Eating
Try it on a Piece of Lettuce

Sam-gyup-sal as it's pronounced - consists of pork slices (very similar to bacon - yet before it's cured), grilled over a barbeque - right at the very center of your table.

And this is what makes the experience so neat.

Cooking your food, right there in front of you...

It's one-of-a-kind dining.

Oh - and this goes for the actual eating part too...

Korean Cuisine
Korean Cuisine = Many Small Dishes

Accompanying the main course - are an assortment of small dishes.

Raw garlic, kimchi, tofu...

Sauces like ssamjang (chili peppers) and gochujang (soy beans)...

And then - once the food is cooked, if you choose... you can customize it!

Grab a piece of lettuce, and then with your chopsticks... carefully place various items on it - ensuring every single bite is as unique as it is delicious.

One last thing...

Korean Barbeque Group
Enjoying Korean Barbeque at Nodally in Rohrmoser

Finish it off with a shot of soju.

Gun Bae! :-)

For more information about this neat Japanese-Korean restaurant in San Jose, check out their website.

And I hope you enjoyed this read - a sneak peek at yet another great restaurant on the Rich Coast.

See you again soon for another!