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Can You Think of Any...
AWESOME Costa Rican Things?

How many totally awesome Costa Rican things can you think of?

Sunsets, surfing, monkeys and more - a country boasting 6% of the world's biodiversity, and one of the most sought out vacationing places on earth...

1000 Awesome Costa Rican Things
How Many AWESOME Things, Can You Think Of?

...off the top of my head - 1000! :-)

Here in this section of the site, in a variety of different categories - those like Travel, Places, Animals, Exploration, Food, and others...

I'd love to share with you - in words and photograph - some of the most exciting and interesting Costa Rican things, ever.

Be sure to check back every now and then - as new Awesome Rican Things, will be added throughout each week - both here on the site, and as a new image on the Facebook Fan page.

OK, to the Awesome Things!

Observing Caimans at Night

Several times, here on the Rich Coast - I've had the opportunity to observe caimans, reptiles that resemble alligators - yet measuring only a few measures in length.

Shining a flashlight across the water at night...

A Caiman Peeks Its Head Out of the Water
At Night, You Can Only See the Eyes - of this "Spectacled" Caiman

And the eyes of a nearby caiman will light up - resembling a couple of lightbulbs.