Colorful Costa Rican Frogs...
And Some Toads Too!

What would a website about the Rich Coast be - without a page on Costa Rican frogs?

We'll never know! :-)

Isn't it true though... these cool, colorful amphibians - namely, the vibrant green, orange and blue, red-eyed variety - have certainly become a symbol of Costa Rica.

And it's no wonder.

A place more biologically diverse than anywhere else on the planet - the tropical rainforests throughout the country, serve as the perfect environment for such unique creatures as these...

Costa Rican Frogs
Costa Rican Frogs Leaf
Costa Rican Frogs Marbled Tree Frog

A Strawberry Poison Dart Frog
I'm a Leaf!
Close Up of a Marbled Tree Frog

Thinking back, I can still remember - a very first encounter with Costa Rican frogs.

Staying on Lake Arenal - every night, about three or four small green tree frogs, would make their way into the kitchen - positioning themselves on the inner pane of the window.

I suspect it was the perfect spot for a late night snack!

Costa Rican Frogs Red-Eyed Tree Frog
A Colorful Tree Frog

But did you know?...

There are some really neat places to see a variety of different Costa Rican frogs.

Way up the mountain - en route to the Poas Volcano, the La Paz Gardens is one example.

And in Monte Verde too - there's a Frog Pond where you can observe 15 different species.

Frogs. And toads too! Definitely interesting animals.

And here on this page - in description and photograph... let's learn some more about them.

Please click on the following links to continue reading... and also - if you have an image and description - an encounter with a frog or toad on the Rich Coast... please add it to the page using this form.

Marbled Tree Frog

One breezy night near Montezuma, a marbled tree frog - phrynohyas venulose - paid a visit to the front porch.

Numerous glands along its back, it somewhat resembled a toad...

Costa Rican Frogs Marbled Tree Frog
A Marbled Tree Frog, Visiting the Front Porch One Night...

Warned by a friend - I was told these glands are poisonous (not deadly though), as they secret a white substance that can cause irritation to humans.

And yes - knowing that some frogs in Costa Rica can be quite poisonous - if you don't know for sure... it's best to view them from a distance to be safe!

What an interesting-looking frog - especially its eyes.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Easily one of the most well-recognized creatures in the Country, Central America - and throughout the world too!, is agalychnis callidryas...

Costa Rican Frogs Red-Eyed Frog
A Vibrant Red-Eyed Tree Frog

...the Red-Eyed Tree Frog.

And it's easy to see just what makes them so popular.

Rarely, does an animal exhibit such a vibrant combination of colors - green, red, orange and blue!

And it was interesting to learn more about them.

Blending in with the foliage at night - amongst the trees where they spend most of their time...

Red-eyed tree frogs become totally green. Transforming - eyes shut, legs to the side, and feet tucked snuggly underneath their tummies...

They vanish!