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Costa Rica Volcano Adventures
Visits to Poas, Arenal and More!

So, what's your favorite Costa Rica volcano?

No question, next trip to the Rich Coast... visiting some of these incredible feats of nature - is something you've just got to experience!

Take Poas, for example...

Costa Rica Volcano
Looking Out Over Laguna Caliente, at Poas

Nice and close to the airport in Alajuela...

Boasting two enormous crater lakes (one among the most acidic in the world) - is easily one of the most spectacular sights in the country.

Costa Rica Volcano Arenal
This is Arenal

Just the drive there alone - some 2,500 meters up, is well worth the trip...

...breath-taking central-valley views all around.


Due Northwest, and it's on to yet another, mind-blowing event -- a visit to the 7,000 year-old, conically-shaped, Arenal.

I can still remember, second-ever visit to the area back in 2010...

Sitting on the deck of the Arenal Observatory at night, glowing-red molten rock could be seen, piling down its side.

Jaw-dropping moment.


Firsthand adventures below - along with a map, indicating the location of various volcanoes - please read on to learn more.

Map   •   Volcanoes

Map of Costa Rica Volcanoes

The following map indicates the locations of various volcanoes, here on the Rich Coast. Click on the colored dots to learn more.

Poas Volcano
Poas Volcano
  •  Red Dot Volcanoes 
TICR Maps - Costa Rica Volcanoes

Volcanoes on the Rich Coast

Read on to learn more about volcanoes, here in Costa Rica...