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Have a Costa Rica Travel Story?We'd Love to Hear It!

Easily the most fun part of making this site, are the Costa Rica travel stories, pages about some of the many experiences living and traveling around the country.

And for 3 years now!

Like for example, do you remember the time when my parents and I went paragliding, soaring high above the Gulf of the Nicoya?

Or how about when we visited the Poas Volcano - WOW! - and then right after... the La Paz Waterfall Gardens?

Oh, and what about that boat ride we took, journeying up the Tarcoles River. We saw so many different birds, and even some of the BIGGEST crocodiles in the country!


Costa Rica Travel
This is Costa Rica, and it's AMAZING!

These are some amazing memories.


Next, I'd like to turn the tables...

When you visited Costa Rica, what sorts of things did you experience? What kind of interesting information - tips perhaps - do you know? What was the most special thing that happened?...

What part of your adventure, would you most love to tell someone else?


If you love this country as much as I do, please share your stories with us. It would be so interesting to hear about your journey, and I'm sure that others would love to hear about it too!

To share your story, simply enter it below. I'll convert it into a new web page, here on the site.

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