Costa Rica Reptiles...
Amphibians Too!

Costa Rica reptiles and amphibians...

The Rich Coast is home to thousands of different species of animals -- those of the fury kind, those of the feathery kind - and yes... a great number of the scaly kind too!

Turtles of both land and sea, iguanas and other kinds of lizards, frogs - every color of the rainbow...

Costa Rica Reptiles
Turtles! Frogs! and Lizards!... of the Rich Coast

And perhaps most impressive...

Costa Rica Reptiles Crocodiles
A Giant Crocodile of the Tarcoles...

The crocodiles!

One spot in particular in Costa Rica - a great place to observe these incredible creatures - is from the atop the bridge, crossing over the Tarcoles River... en route to Jaco.

Costa Rica Reptiles Basking Crocodiles
Basking Crocs

Recounting a number of times - driving up and down the Pacific coast, I'd always make a point to stop for a quick look at the crocs.

Spotting no less than 20 each time - basking along the riverbank... some of them are pushing 15 feet in length.

It's quite the site!

Here then - let's have a look at the many different Costa Rica reptiles and amphibians...

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The Basilisk - aka 'Jesus Christ Lizard'

Basilisks - lizards of the genus basiliscus - are truly remarkable creatures. Found in and around Costa Rica's many freshwater streams and rivers, they've taken on a rather interesting nickname...

Costa Rica Reptiles Basilisk
The Jesus Christ Lizard

The Jesus Christ Lizard.

Skipping across the water - distances of up to 15 feet... basilisks are extremely light weight.

Air bubbles become trapped in their long, webbed feet, displacing the water below - keeping them afloat as they run.

It's an amazing site to see!

Something else... even when they can no longer 'run on water' - their tales - equipped with a 'rutter-like' flap of skin... allow them to swim extremely fast - the perfect escape from hungry predators.

Giant Crocodiles of the Rich Coast

These giant lizards of the family crocodylidae - not to be confused with alligatoridae (alligators and caimans)... live in freshwater rivers through out the Rich Coast.

The Tarcoles and Bongo Rivers - as well as in Tortuguero, are just a few spots where they can be seen...

Costa Rica Reptiles Crocodiles Overhead
Sighting Crocodiles from Above...

Amazingly - crocodiles can grow to sizes of over 15 feet. And in some parts of the world, species over 20 feet in length have been recorded.

Something else too... the pressure of a crocodile's jaw - at over 5000 pounds a square inch, is more than five times as powerful as a great white shark!


Costa Rica Reptiles Tarcoles Crocodile
A Giant Crocodile of the Tarcoles...

A great place to spot crocodiles in Costa Rica - is right from the bridge, passing over the Tarcoles River.

It's quite the site - and of all the times I've been - there were always at least 20, basking along the river bank.