Costa Rica Fishing
Tight Lines on the Rich Coast!

Costa Rica fishing.

From highland lakes and rivers - seeking out species like rainbow trout and rainbow bass, to the coasts lining the Caribbean and the Pacific - a chance to do battle with monster silver kings, roosterfish, red snapper, snook and others...

...and yes - way out into the open water -- home to giants like blue marlin, grouper and durado...

There are over 60 different kinds of game fish in the country...

Costa Rica Fishing
With Blue Marlin Record Holder, Stefano Marcolini and a 70 Pound Durado!

Making it, no question - an angler's paradise.


And yes, over the past few years - there have been numerous opportunities to fish - those of which I look forward to sharing with you here on this site.

And so, using the links below - map included, please read on to learn more - firsthand angling adventures, here on the Rich Coast - await!

Map   •   Deep Sea   |   Fly Fishing   |   Lake   |   Shore

Map of Angling on the Rich Coast

Here on this map, you can see various spots throughout the country - as indicated by the colored dots... where some truly great fishing can be experienced...

Pursuit of the Durado!
Hand Fishing in Costa Rica
Sport Fishing in Costa Rica Hand Fishing in Costa Rica
  •  Yellow Dot Deep Sea 
  •  Purple Dot Fly 
  •  Orange Dot Lake 
  •  Red Dot Shore 
TICR Maps - Costa Rica Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing in Costa Rica

Here in this part of the fishing section - please come along for some firsthand adventures, into off the Rich Coasts - and into the deep waters of the Pacific and Caribbean.

Shore Fishing the Rich Coast

Learn about unique opportunities - fishing with the traditional rod and reel, or even by hand, using a spool... from the shores of the Rich Coast...