Costa Rica Film Festival
Six Years, in Montezuma

The International Costa Rica Film Festival, kicks off each November - in the bumping beach town of Montezuma - south-east tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Costa Rica Film Festival
The International Costa Rica Film Festival

Screenings at various venues in town - those like El Sano Banano, and Puggo's - it's something to definitely look forward to.

On to its 6th-time running, please read on to learn more about the goings on, as well as some catching up with festival-organizer...

Eric Panter.

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Costa Rica Film Festival, 2011

Just in front of El Sano Banano Village Hotel, today I caught up with Eric Panter - organizer of the 5th Annual International Costa Rica Film Festival.

Costa Rica Film Festival Eric and Jane
Jane Clements and Eric Panter

Joining him for lunch, was Jane Clements - director of one of the films to be shown.

A chance to learn more about this unique event, we began talking about the history of the Film Festival - how it came to be, and more on the happenings - soon to unfold throughout the week.


Going back aways, Eric recounted some of his earlier experiences with film, as well as the inception of the Festival here in Montezuma.

Costa Rica Film Festival Atlanta Underground
The Atlanta Underground

For eight years - the Atlanta Underground was a project Eric worked on, previous to arriving in Costa Rica.

It, along with a few other popular film festivals in Georgia - the Documentary Film Festival, and the Atlanta Horror Film Festival for example...

Helped influence the idea, of incepting something similar, here on the Rich Coast.

And that's exactly how it went...

After a first-time vacation, taken back by the vibe and beauty of Montezuma... Eric envisioned Costa Rica - an ideal starting point for a brand new film festival.

Along with the help of El Sano Banano Village Hotel, Luz de Mono, Organico, and Los Mangos - all businesses in Montezuma, and all original venues where movies could be watched... the very first International Costa Rica Film Festival was born.

Costa Rica Film Festival Puggo's
Puggo's Restaurant, Festival Venue

Fast forward 5 years...

Now, this November - from the 11th of the month, straight through to Sunday the 20th...

The festival has kicked off once again, ready for showing - and attracting visitors from around the globe.

And as Eric explained...

Some really great films are on deck. Each rated by a carefully selected panel of judges... there isn't one movie on the list - scoring less than 4 Stars...

Asking about some films to check out, here are ones he recommends...

  • Fighting OKAN
  • YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip)
  • Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story
  • Caramelito

And one more...

A *must see* as Eric put it, there's a movie called 'Happy' playing at the Sano Banano Village Hotel on Saturday at 5:30pm.


Well, this was fun!

An interesting talk with Eric and Jane - independent film and life in Costa Rica - I was pretty excited about the upcoming International Costa Rica Film Festival...

Costa Rica Film Festival El Sano Banano
On the Scene at El Sano Banano

And how about you? Thinking of catching a movie or two in Montezuma this week?

To help decide where and when to see a movie, please have a look at the following schedule...

Film Festival Schedule

For information about the 2012 International Film Festival, in Montezuma Costa Rica - please visit the main web site, at: