Costa Rica Car Rental...
Driving the Rich Coast

Plenty of Costa Rica car rental opportunities - there's really no better way to see the Rich Coast. On your own time, and with your own set of wheels - the doors are open.

From plenty driving experience here - touring the coasts, jungles, mountains and valleys of this incredibly beautiful country...

The possibilities are endless.

Costa Rica Car Rental
Next Stop? Paradise!

Costa Rica - a small country, about the size of Virginia -- has twelve different microclimates.

In just an hour's drive, you can experience everything from hot & humid beaches - to moist & misty cloud forests - to cool & breezy mountaintop winds.

Costa Rica Car Rental Cloud Forest
A Cloud Forest Awaits...

It's a one-of-a-kind driving experience.

But back on track - and concerning renting a car here...

Throughout my time in the country - and also, while building this site... similar questions have been popping up.

For example, first-time travelers are concerned with road safety.

Just how safe are the roads in Costa Rica?

Others are curious about theft. Is it a problem? Can you leave your vehicle unattended? And what about scams? Do car rental companies in Costa Rica really take advantage of people?

Here, I'd like to help shed some light on these questions. And in the process... share with you - some of my own driving experiences on the Rich Coast.

Perhaps at some point - you can share yours too!

And so - to learn more about Costa Rica car rentals, as well as about driving here - please read on!...

Costa Rica Car Rental

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