Exploring Montezuma...
Costa Rica Canopy Tour

A Costa Rica canopy tour is truly something one-of-a-kind.

Seriously... what a rush!

High atop the jungle - moving by cable trolley, platform to platform... it's a chance to encounter wildlife like monkeys, birds and other animals - while at the very same time...

Experiencing the thrill that is - zip lining!

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Posing
Psyched about Zip Lining!

And today's adventure - was extra special.

Together with friends - Belén Garcia and Hodges Apellido - the three of us were pretty psyched!

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Launch
The Jungle Awaits...

Arriving just in time - we met up with Nancy Vargas of Sun Trails, Montezuma - a thorough walk through about the ins and outs of zip lining at hand.

Listening to our guides - Ernesto, Isacc and Pedro - everything was explained in detail - making for a fun and safe time on the cables.

And so it began!

Here on this web page - please read along, and share in yet another amazing Rich Coast adventure!

Costa Rica Canopy Tour - To the Zip Lines!

Wasting very little time - all suited up, and ready to take to the cables - the three of us - Belén, Hodges and myself...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Ready
Let's Do This.

Were ready to rock n' roll.

But whoah!... first stepping up to the initial launch platform - there's definitely a moment - one where you realize *just how high up* you really are!

Not that that stopped us...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Zip Lines
To the Cables!...

The first of 9 cables on this Costa Rica canopy tour - 13 platforms in all, and we were off!...

But of course - there's more to it than simply 'zipping from tree to tree'. Ernesto and Isacc were quite helpful - explaining the process each zip of the way.


  • Always be in the sitting position!
  • Your brake hand (right hand) is always behind the cable trolley
  • Keep your legs forward - feet crossed, and knees slightly bent
  • Left hand grabs the lanyard - under the cable trolley
  • Brake (right hand) at about 20 Feet before the approaching platform
  • Keep straight! Don't spin!

And yes - it's seriously important to know *and do* these things.

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Arrival
Help Upon Arrival...

Gathering quite the momentum at times between platforms...

...maintaining the correct position is imperative to prevent loss of control.

But with our well-informed (and very friendly!) guides - the experience was not just fun, but extra safe too.

To give you a better idea - here's Isacc carefully walking Hodges through the process...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Hodges 1
Both Hands on the Cable - Ready to be Locked In...


Costa Rica Canopy Tour Hodges 2
Brake Hand (Right) is *Always* Behind the Cable Trolley!


Costa Rica Canopy Tour Hodges 3
Ankles Crossed - Knees Slightly Bent... and He's Off!

And after each 'zip' - arriving at a new platform...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Release
A Bit of a Jump - to Release...

There was never a moment when we weren't attached to a safety cable.

At each platform - our guides ensured we were hooked in, via carabineer.

And we were only unhooked - when it was time to reconnect to the cable - en route to the next destination.

In the photo to the left - you Ernesto's helping to unhook me after a ride. Pulling up on the cable - lifting a knee at the same time - made this easier.

Adrenaline way built up - zip lining is so much fun! - we eventually came to a break in the canopy - perfect place to view the beautiful Gulf of Nicoya coastline...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour View
Break in the Canopy - What a View!

And also...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Belen Sees Monkeys
Two Capuchin Monkeys Cross a Platform Bridge

...to sight some of the local wildlife!

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Hodges and Jeff See Monkey
A Howler Monkey with Her Baby

And after that...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Chilling
Hangin' Out Above the Jungle

...to just plain chill on top of the jungle.

What an amazing experience!

Well next - still a few cables left to zip... it was time for a break at the Montezuma Waterfalls -- easily one of the most popular spots to visit in all the Nicoya...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour - Waterfalls

Part of the way through this Costa Rica canopy tour - and especially unique to this particular Costa Rica canopy tour... it was off to relax at the Montezuma Waterfalls...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Waterfalls
The Montezuma Waterfalls

Three levels - an 80 Foot drop, a 40 Foot drop, and a 12 Foot drop - it's the perfect place to spend an entire afternoon...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Montezuma Waterfalls
Take Your Pick of a Relaxing or Exhilarating Trip to the Falls!

And yes - if you think you're up for the plunge off the 40-footer... please be careful!

Best to ask one of your guides how to best go about it.

Actually though - there's another page here at ThisisCostaRica.com - devoted solely to the Montezuma Waterfalls. Check it out here!

Well - after about a 45 minute jaunt to the falls, it was - yes - time for some more zip lining action!...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour Green
Our Costa Rica Canopy Tour Continues!...

Making our way back to headquarters - there was still one more extra-long cable... one we made sure to include in the following video...

Costa Rica Canopy Tour - In Video!

Perfect way to wrap things up - our Costa Rica canopy tour...

TICR Videos - Costa Rica Canopy Tour

Hope you enjoyed it.

Will see you real soon - for yet another - Costa Rican adventure! :-)