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ThisisCostaRica.comA Costa Rica Adventure!

Hello and welcome once again, to the site!

You know, these last three years - traveling and living throughout the country (quite the 'Costa Rica adventure')...

Have been nothing short of amazing.

Meeting incredible people from all walks of life. Visiting gorgeous places - those like beaches, national parks, volcanoes, and others.

And yes, each and every experience of the way...

Costa Rica Adventure

So many awesome and interesting things!


ThisisCostaRica.com, "TICR" of course, as it's also coined...

Is all about stories - those which recount many different occasions, here in one of the most beautiful, happy, and natural places on the planet.


In an effort to help you get the most out of this site - it's constantly growing and changing, by the way... I created this "Costa Rica Adventure" page.

An overview of many interesting things to discover, please click on any of the following links, broken down by category - and you'll be taken further on down the page, to learn more:

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  • Places - Popular destinations in Costa Rica.

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  • Eat - Learn about the best restaurants, as well as Costa Rican cuisine.
  • Sleep - Learn about hotels, resorts, apartments, and much more!
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    Stay in the know.

    Please use the following methods, to help keep up-to-date with new stories, information, and any important changes - here at ThisisCostaRica.com:

    Awesome Costa Rican Things

    If you've ever visited the Rich Coast - or even if you've been reading about it, researching for your next Costa Rica adventure - it quickly becomes clear...

    There are so many awesome things about this place!

    Costa Rica Adventure Howler Monkey
    Howler Monkeys. Awesome.


    In this part of the website, combining unique images with short, descriptive stories...

    You'll learn about all sorts of interesting things.

    Just off the top of my head:

    Another thing...

    If you know of something awesome about Costa Rica, I encourage you to submit your idea. We can post it here on the site!

    Visitors' Costa Rica Adventure Stories

    It's true.

    Stories, contribute so much to this website. You could say, it's stories - which make up its very core.

    Costa Rica Adventure Travel
    Share Your Costa Rica Adventure!

    So many experiences.

    Firsthand. Personal. Interesting.

    And very special, too.

    It's so much fun, sharing them for all to discover.


    In addition to the information on the site, stories based on my own Costa Rica adventure...

    I'd love to hear about your Costa Rica adventure! And yes, I'm quite sure other visitors would love to hear about them, too.

    So please, if you have an interesting, special story - do tell. Please type and submit it here, and if you like - add a few photos to go with it.

    We look forward to hearing about your Costa Rica adventure! :-)


    In addition to ThisisCostaRica.com...

    Costa Rica Adventure Facebook
    This is Our Facebook Fan Page

    Please be sure to visit our Facebook Fan Page.

    Photos, news, updates, prizes, and other interesting information about Costa Rica...

    It's so much fun!

    Please "Like" us, too. :-)


    Are you looking for something specific?

    Each page - and every single word, actually - can be located using our on-site, integrated Google search engine.

    Simply enter your query...

    Costa Rica Adventure Search
    A Search for a Costa Rica Adventure!

    And just seconds later, results will appear below the search bar - based on the word(s) that you type.


    If there's something you just can't seem to find, please be sure to contact me.

    Travel Tips

    Whether you're planning your next Costa Rica adventure, or if you're already here - en route to yet another incredible experience, there's quite the chance...

    You've got a few questions.

    Costa Rica Adventure Travel Tips
    What Would You Like to Know?


    Well how about...

    • When is rain season in Costa Rica?

    • How much does a bus ticket cost, and when do the buses leave and arrive?

    • Or...

    • Where's the best place to spot a particular animal?

    Please ask a question here, and not only will I do my to give you an answer...

    But also...

    When the answer is ready, I'll post it as a brand new page here on the site (both question and answer).

    And just below the answer to your question, there will be a place for comments - where even more people (including yourself), can contribute.

    So please, ask away!


    Creating the many different maps for the site...

    Is so much fun!

    Sure it can be a bit tedious, working with several different computer programs - and making sure everything is *just right*...

    However the end result, is totally worth it. :-)


    Markers of six different colors, those which depict the categories: Eat, Sleep, Explore, Live, Learn, and More - just like the core structure of ThisisCostaRica.com...

    Costa Rica Adventure Navigation
    There are Six Main Categories

    Help to clarify, where different places and events are, with respect to each particular story/page on the site.

    Costa Rica Adventure Maps
    Do You Know Where This Is?


    I hope these maps help to give you an even closer insight to the country, and its various parts.

    And yes, if there's one map in particular that you're looking for, please visit this page.

    Something else...

    It's important to know, this website is constantly growing and changing. As more pages are added (cities, activities, statistics, etc.) - more maps will appear.

    Thank you for your patience, on this!


    Costa Rica - a country about the size of West Virginia, is divided into 7 provinces: Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limon, Puntarenas, and San Jose.

    Costa Rica Adventure Places
    Yet Another, Popular Place!

    Throughout each - a number of popular places exist - those like:


    Here at ThisisCostaRica.com, you'll find that many of these "Places", are categorized and written about - with one of two ideas in mind:

    The larger, or *most popular* destinations - those like The Arenal Volcano, have (or will have) their very own section here on the site, a page complete with a map - and that points to a number of 'sub-pages'. These pages are (or will be) categorized according to: a) Eating, b) Sleeping, c) Exploring, d) Living, e) Learning, and f) More.

    Smaller yet *still very unique and significant* destinations - those like Sarchi, have (or will have) their very own single page here on the site.

    Please know, many things are subject to change. If you have any suggestions, as to which pages should become part of the site, and to what significance or role they should play - in the overall big picture...

    Please let me know.

    I'm open to any and all ideas. :-)


    There are so many incredible places to eat throughout the country - and how lucky we've been! - there have been great opportunities to visit them.

    Costa Rica Adventure Travel
    The Best Places to Eat

    The "Eat" section of the site, focuses on three things:

    Regarding the Restaurant section...

    If you've discovered an excellent restaurant in Costa Rica - and feel it should be mentioned, here on the site - please write about your experience - and please include up to four photos, too.

    I'll be happy to create your recommendation, as a brand new page, here at ThisisCostaRica.com.

    This will be a great way, to get the word out!


    Planning your next vacation - it's nice to know you'll be staying somewhere that comes highly recommended - and by someone who's actually been there.

    Costa Rica Adventure Sleep
    The Best Places to Sleep

    In this part of the site, you can read about some really special places here on the Rich Coast...

    Those like:

    • Hotels

    • Resorts

    • Retreats

    • And for the budget-minded...

    • Hostels, too!

    • By the way, if you own a hostel - or if you've visited one - and would like to see it mentioned, here on this site... please write about it here (along with a few photos). I'd be happy to include it as part of the site. Great way to to get the word out! :-)

    Something more...

    If you're planning on staying in the country for a bit longer, then certainly - you'll want to check out an *almost ready* section on the site - one that is currently in the works.

    It will focus on some pretty amazing places - apartments, houses, villas, etc. - that you can rent long-term...

    A great way to take on that, Pura Vida! lifestyle. :-)

    Check back soon!


    Costa Rica is one of the most popular ecological tourist destinations on earth, and in a very big way, this exploration-focused section - *is the very heart* - of ThisisCostaRica.com.

    Costa Rica Adventure Explore
    An Adventurous Imagination

    Capturing an adventurous imagination...

    Here, it's a focus on stories...

    Visits to amazingly beautiful and natural places - firsthand experiences about:

    And yes - you guessed it...


    There's no way around it, delve into this area of the website - and This is Costa Rica... and then some!


    Life in Costa Rica, it's - how do we say it...

    Pura Vida! :-)

    Costa Rica Adventure Live
    Pura Vida!

    And yes - it's really quite something, learning more about the country...

    ...from people that are actually living here.


    Based on personal experiences, and also on the experiences of others - there's a variety of different subjects we can talk about.

    One area of interest for example, is working and volunteering - here on the Rich Coast. There's information available already on this subject. You can visit the Costa Rica Jobs and Volunteering page here.

    Lots of interesting things to come!


    It's so true - the learning never ends!

    Costa Rica Adventure Learn
    Learning at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens

    And what a great thing.

    Here in this part of the site, with pages about:

    It's all about knowing more.


    Be sure to check back every now and then, there's no shortage of interesting information, and learning - when it comes to the Rich Coast!


    Over and above *the already* - many interesting and exciting areas, that ThisisCostaRica.com focuses on - There are still other areas to consider.

    Those like...

    Costa Rica Adventure More
    The Magic of Envision

    ...and yes, a number of others, as well.


    Even further broadening our perspective, be sure to check out this part of the site from time to time.

    And while you're at it - don't miss out on some pages that are currently up, those that cover events like the Envision and Palmares festivals, and the Jungle Jam concert in Jaco.

    More to come!

    Keep in Touch!

    Don't forget to keep in touch! Here are some great ways, to do just that...

    Spread the Word

    Just one more thing.

    I have to say, creating ThisisCostaRica.com, is so much fun.

    Costa Rica Adventure Social
    Thank You for Spreading the Word! :-)

    Sure, there's a lot of work that goes into it - yet I quite enjoy, every minute of it.

    If you enjoy the many stories, photos, and other information that you find here...

    I'd really appreciate it, if you would please share this site with your friends, family members, and others.

    This will help it grow, and there are lots of ways to help out.

    Thank you so much, in advance! :-)

    Some ideas:

    Again, thank you for stopping by the site. I really hope this page, helps to explain things clearly, so you can get the most out of your visit.

    If you have a comment, please share it below. I'd love to hear from you.

    I hope to see you here, often.

    Pura Vida!