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And Here are Ten More...
Awesome Things in Costa Rica!

Here on this page, we've got ten more Awesome Things, about Costa Rica - numbers 11 through 20.

Envision Festival, whale watching, ant eaters and bungee jumping - this section of the site has been lots of fun to work on, as there's always something truly unique and amazing to discover...

Here on the Rich Coast!

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Envision Festival

In March of 2012, the second ever Envision Festival was held, in Uvita Costa Rica - right next to the Marina Ballena National Park.

Five days long, an event bringing people together - inspiring through art education, music, dance, and so much more...

Costa Rica Envision Festival
Closing Ceremony, Envision Festival 2012

It's something totally awesome, here on the Rich Coast - and something I most definitely recommend, you experience!

Mystery Bugs!

Spending time, in such a remarkable place on the planet - one which accounts for approximately 5% of the world's biodiversity - you're bound to come across some strange-looking creatures, from time to time.

For example...

Costa Rica Mystery Bug
A Mystery Bug!

At first glance - looking on from the side...

It was difficult to make out, exactly *what* kind of insect this was. Of course, closer up - it was easier to identify as a moth of some kind.

And quite interesting too - while it's not an owl butterfly, as seen further down on the page, it carries similar "owl eye markings" - surely coming in handy, to ward off predators.

Whale Watching in the Gulf of the Nicoya

On a catamaran tour to Tortuga Island, one that took us to a number unique locations on the Gulf of the Nicoya (snorkeling and shipwreck, included!)...

Costa Rica Whale Watching
We Spotted a Mother Humpback, and Her Two Babies

We had a surprise visit, by a mother humpback whale, and her two babies.

What an awesome experience!

The Owl Butterfly

Tonight I was typing away - more interesting material for the site! :-) - and in flew an owl butterfly, straight out of the jungle - next door.

I was amazed, seeing it calmly perched on my hand - a situation you might normally experience at the Waterfall Gardens.

Here's a photo I took...

Costa Rica Owl Butterfly
An Owl Butterfly, Dropped In to Say "Hello"

An amazing sight - these butterflies are equipped with some pretty ingenious camouflage.

Wings raised, just like in the photo above - they take on the appearance of an owl, making would-be-predators, second guess whether they want to attack.

Watching a Tamandua Anteater, Feed

On a visit to the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve - first protected area in the country - located just south of Cabuya on the Nicoya Peninsula...

There on the path ahead - a tamandua anteater, having just used its claws, to rip open a rotting tree stump...

Costa Rica Anteater
An Anteater, Feeding on Termites at the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

Was gorging away on termites.


With tiny mouths, no teeth, and extremely limited jaw movement - anteaters rely on their tongues, for food.

Covered in hundreds of long papillae (taste buds) - the saliva that's captured between them, acts as a sort of glue - making it easy to snatch up unsuspecting prey.

Costa Rica Jewelry

Next trip to the Rich Coast - during your stay in Montezuma, or visiting Cafe Britt shops at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Alajuela, and the Tabacon Resort, near the Arenal Volcano...

Be sure to have a look at silversmith Victor Otarola's - unique Costa Rica Jewelry...

Costa Rica Jewelry
A Nautilia Ring, By Piedra Colorada Jewelry

High grade silver combined with shells of the Pacific, pearls - both black and white...

And a variety of semiprecious gems.

Perfecting his craft for years - in places like Mexico, Colombia, and at Piedra Colorada, his shop in Montezuma central...

His work is simply, one-of-a-kind.

Hidden Canopy Tree Houses

Journey up the mountain, to Monteverde Costa Rica - one of the country's seven natural wonders, and as National Geographic puts it...

"The jewel in the crown, of cloud forest reserves."

And be whisked away, to a place of beauty and solitude...

Costa Rica Tree Houses
Hidden Canopy Tree Houses, Monteverde Costa Rica

Hidden Canopy Tree Houses, Boutique Hotel.

Gorgeous luxury accommodations, warm friendly welcomes, and breathtaking views - of the Gulf of the Nicoya, and beyond...

This is easily, one of the nicest places to stay - here on the Rich Coast.

The Anhinga or "Snakebird"

An adventure by boat, up the Tarcoles River - at one point during the journey - we came across something, really unique.

Meters away - maintaining a perfect pose (it posed like this the whole time we saw it, now matter how close we got!), this Anhinga...

Costa Rica Anhinga
The Anhinga, or "Snake Bird" - Sighted on the Tarcoles River

...is actually quite similar to a cormorant.

Able to dive (and stay) underwater, for great lengths of time - its name anhinga - means "snakebird" in the Brazilian Tupi language.

Once surfacing, it swims across the top of the water - only its head and elongated neck, visible... resembling more so a snake than an actual 'bird'.

Bungee Jumping Over the Rainforest

Have you ever tried bungee jumping?

A 265 foot drop, falling from the bridge that crosses the Old Colorado River - it's just as Tropical Bungee in Naranjo promises...

Costa Rica Bungee Jumping
100% Adrenaline

100% pure adrenaline.

This was another first, and within just minutes after the first jump - leaping straight forward off the platform, like Superman - the second, was even more exhilarating...

Falling backwards, over the rainforest below!

Dolphins Along for the Ride

It was my very first time, taking the water taxi from Montezuma Costa Rica to Herradura Beach. And it was just bout halfway to our destination, when we ran into these guys...

Costa Rica Dolphins
We know the way, follow us!

...a pod of about 20 to 30 dolphins.

As they surrounded us, diving and splashing about - we were able to stop and observe them for a while, taking some really nice photos in the process.

But best part by far - when the boat started up again, and we continued onward...

Several dolphins stayed with us, swimming and jumping alongside our boat.

Talk about awesome! :-)