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Here are Our Very First 10...
Awesome Things in Costa Rica!

Here are the very first ten, Awesome Things about Costa Rica.

Howler Monkeys, Waterfalls, Jungle Jam, and more - be sure to check back every now and then, as new images and stories are added each week.

Jungle Jam

When we heard Bill Kreutzmann of the Grateful Dead, was going to be playing at the DoceLunas Resort in Jaco with his "BK3" - and yes, along with a number of other extremely talented artists...

The tickets were booked ASAP.

Reflecting back on this second-annual event - Jungle Jam, 2012...

Costa Rica Jungle Jam
Jungle Jam at the DoceLunas in Jaco... a GREAT Time!

...WOW, what an incredible time we had.

The music, the people - the way it was all so intimate... musicians and fans alike, mingling between shows...

The next one's in January, 2013 - and it's not to be missed!

Poor Man's Umbrella

Something really neat, while driving up in the mountains, here on the Rich Coast - is the transition in kind and size of vegetation, as you climb higher and higher in altitude.

Gunnera insignis...

Costa Rica Poor Man's Umbrella
My Mom, Underneath Some Gunnera insignis

...nicknamed, "The Poor Man's Umbrella" - is a great example.

Moister at higher elevations, perfect for seed germination - this rhubarb-like species, can grow leaves that measure a whopping 6 feet across!

Oysters *Fresh* Out of the Ocean!

If you know where to go... and exactly what to look for... and at just the right time...

Costa Rica Oyster
Fresh Oysters, Right Out of the Ocean!

...one of the best seafoods await, right there at the edge of the ocean.

And don't forget to bring a limon mandarina - making for the perfect combination!

Tropidacris Dux

Easily one of the most impressive-looking insects anywhere, Tropidacris Dux - came swooping in from the dark one night...

Costa Rica Tropidacris Dux
Tropidacris Dux

...it's brilliant bright-orange wings, fully extended to some 20 cm wide.

Translated, it's name means "large brown cricket".

Actually a Costa Rican grasshopper, it's not uncommon - due to their immense size... to mistake one for a bird in flight!

Discovering Secret Waterfalls

Traveling to Costa Rica in Summer of 2010 - there were so many great experiences. One really awesome thing though...

Costa Rica Secret Waterfalls
Discovering Secret Waterfalls

...was finding a natural spring, walking way upstream - and discovering a beautiful crystal-clear waterfall. Pristine beauty - animals, birds, flowers, etc. it's really quite something.

Pictured above, is one near a lodge we stayed at - way up in the Talamanca highlands.

Chan - a Delicious Drink in Costa Rica

As Aldo from Soda Chica in Cobano explains, the seeds from the 'chan' plant - mixed with water, and a bit of sugar too if you like...

Costa Rica Chan
Chan, a Delicious Drink in Costa Rica

...makes for an extra-tasty drink.

What's especially nice about chan, is that it works wonders on an upset stomach - and also...

Helps to lower high blood pressure.

The Central Valley Sky at Dusk

Not even a week in Costa Rica - going back more than two years, I can remember it like it was yesterday...

Costa Rica Central Valley
A Fiery Central Valley Sky

Kicking back from the apartment patio - high up in the mountains, near the town of Grecia...

A spectacular Central Valley sky - every single night, completely different - and equally stunning.

Realizing *Just How Big* Some of the Bugs are in Costa Rica!

A first-time visit to the Arenal Volcano, we encountered this giant hercules beetle...

Costa Rica Rhinoceros Beetle
A Huge Rhinoceros Beetle at the Arenal Volcano

Perched on a flower, among some rainbow eucalyptus trees - just outside our lodge - it's actually even bigger than in the photo (maybe 6 inches), as Cordia's hand is closer to the camera than the beetle!

A significant check on our "Animals We Want to See in Costa Rica" checklist. : )

Paragliding at Sunset

Be completely blown away at Nemaclys in Caldera, a small town - just up the coast from Puntarenas...

Costa Rica Paragliding
Paragliding at Sunset

Paragliding in Costa Rica.

It's one of the most surreal things you can experience... drifting along, high above the Pacific coastline - streaks of yellow, pink, orange and blue - crossing the sky, as the sun slowly sets.

Definitely do this!

HOWLING! Howler Monkeys

Working for Sun Tours - the canopy tour company in Montezuma - we're right in the middle of the jungle.

We frequently hear howler monkeys throughout the day, especially at dusk and dawn...

Costa Rica Howler Monkey
Howling Howler Monkeys

Amazingly, the growl of a howler monkey, is one of *if not the* loudest sounds - of any other mammal on the planet.

They can be heard up to 20 miles away!