Cobano Costa Rica
Southern Nicoya Gateway

Cobano Costa Rica.

Heading from the ferry in Paquera, by bus or car... it's your second-last stop, making way to popular beach town getaways - Montezuma and Santa Teresa.

Small, quiet, and convenient...

It's here, where people from around the Southern Nicoya Peninsula - converge throughout the day, stops at the bank... gas station... grocery and hardware stores - and the Corporativo del Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (I.C.E.)...

Cobano Costa Rica
Visit the Market, on Monday

The place to setup a cell phone or internet plan.


One popular going on in Cobano, is the weekly Market.

Every Monday, farmers from all around...

...arrive in town with truckloads of fresh produce - fruits and vegetables like avocados, mangoes, tomatoes, watermelon, and many others - everything at a very reasonable price.


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Eating in Cobano

A restaurant serving typical Costa Rican cuisine - here on the Rich Coast, is known as a "soda" - and 5 different ones, can be found - here in Cobano.

Things like casados, hamburgers, and sandwiches for lunch... gallo pinto for breakfast - a number of different things, can be tried.

Cobano Costa Rica Soda
Cocina de Leña la Cobañena

And sometimes, depending on the restaurant - you can try other unique dishes...

...those like chicken fajitas and tamales (Check out Cocina de Leña la Cobañena) - cornmeal stuffed with chicken or pork, covered with a banana leaf, and boiled.

Something else to try, is Olla de carne (Soda Chica has it) - a stew of beef, carrots, potatoes, yucca, plantains, and something called "chayote" - sort of like a pear, but not so much like a fruit!

Some other sodas to visit, are Ismar, Mary, and the restaurant right between the bar and bus stop... very center of town.

Explore Cobano Costa Rica

Not too far from Cobano Costa Rica - just a couple kilometers outside town, there's this really special - almost secret! - spot, called the Florida Waterfalls.

Natural and beautiful, here you'll find several freshwater pools to relax - great way to spend the afternoon.

Best accessed on horseback...

Cobano Costa Rica Indiana Horse Tours
Don't Miss Out on Indiana Horse Tours in Cobano-Montezuma!

...a guided adventure, with Indiana Horse Tours - a company and ranch, owned and operated by Deanne Sharer.

Southern Nicoya Veterinarian, Deanne puts so much passion into this - it's something not to be missed!

Learn Something

Working out of Cobano and Tambor, Freddy Alvarenga - a Topographical Engineer and Land Surveyor, has tackled a number of important projects over the years.

Cobano Costa Rica Freddy Alvarenga
Freddy Alvarenga, Topographical Engineer

More than happy to share some of his experiences - those like...

Overseeing the construction of a dyke in the town of Filadelfia, Guanacaste - a much needed effort to help prevent flooding...

...and using sophisticated equipment - GPS and other devices, to re-map some 150 km of Pacific Ocean coastline in Costa Rica...

Click here to read more, about Freddy and his work.

More in Cobano

Just across from the clinic - right next to Soda Chica, in Cobano Costa Rica...

Cobano Costa Rica CompuCobano
Melvin and Ileana of CompuCobano

You'll find CompuCobano - a one-stop shop for all your computer-related needs.

If you plan on spending some time out here on the Nicoya, a little ways off the beaten path...

It's nice to have a place like this to rely on, everything from computer and stationary supplies - as well as an Internet cafe.

Something else, if you ever need help setting up Internet - whether it be using a router at your home or cabina, or even configuring your USB data card - the one that picks up the signals from the towers...

Give Diego Jiminez a shout. He works out of CompuCobano, as well as his shop in Santa Teresa.